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Law Firm in Glendale, California

We are a law firm in Glendale, California, that provides Employment Law, Business Law, Personal Injury, and Elder Law.

Law Firm in Glendale, California
Law Firm in Glendale, California

SDA Law Group

Top Rated Law Firm in Glendale, California

Situated in downtown Glendale, our Brand Blvd. office represents clients across estate planning, business litigation, business/corporate transactional services, employment law and personal injury law. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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Our Areas of Practice

Business Law

Our Philosophy and Approach


When representing our clients, our attorneys act in a professional and civil manner at all times. We present information truthfully, and will not knowingly misrepresent, mischaracterize, or misquote information in seeking to advance any point of view.


Our clients consistently put their trust in us to provide for their legal needs and we do not take that trust lightly. We are dedicated to our clients and their needs, and take the necessary steps to ensure that the clients are informed of the current status of their case every step of the way.


We fight vigorously to represent our clients. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended countless cases and have the trial experience necessary to achieve our clients’ goals. Whether it is prosecuting an action or defending it, our attorneys are dedicated to getting our clients justice.


Our attorneys are mindful of our clients’ desired outcome. We consistently advise clients to ensure they are making the most informed decision and advocate for their rights at every turn.

Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale, California

When you are injured you may be entitled to compensation. Those damages include physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, future medical care, lost wages, and property damage.

If you were in a car accidentmotorcycle accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, pedestrian accident, injured by a defective product, injured at someone’s property, or sustained any other type of injury, our attorneys are here to help you obtain the best treatment for your injuries and get you the money you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale, California
Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale, California

Employment Law Attorney in Glendale, California

Our office represents employers of small and midsize companies to resolve issues stemming from employer/employee relationships, such as wage and hour disputes, discrimination claims, harassment claims, and retaliation claims.

Additionally, our attorneys offer custom tailored services for employers, such as:

  • Composing employee handbooks
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Guiding company compliance with state and federal labor laws
  • Developing labor standards and workplace investigations for hiring/firing
  • Management improvement, especially with preventing sexual harassment claims
  • ADA issues
  • CFRA, FMLA, or FFCRA issues

Together we set client expectations and timelines to work through litigation issues or take preventative measures before they occur.

Estate Planning Attorney in Glendale, California

We work with clients to create an individually tailored estate plan to meet their needs. Our office can help you prepare a full estate plan to better prepare for the unforeseeable events in their future.

Our tailored estate planning package includes the following documents:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Certification of Trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Personal Care Power of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • HIPPA Release
  • Deeds to transfer real property
  • Assignment of property in trust
Estate Planning Attorney in Glendale, California
Estate Planning Attorney in Glendale, California
Business Litigation Attorney in Glendale, California
Business Litigation Attorney in Glendale, California

Business Litigation Attorney in Glendale, California

Our business clients range from large companies that operate throughout the world to small and midsized family-owned businesses. We work with our business clients based on their needs and strive to provide the results they expect. Our attorneys have years of experience pursuing and defending business disputes and work aggressively to achieve our clients’ goals.

We have guided clients through high-stakes disputes and successfully gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest law firms from across the world.

Law Firm in Glendale, California

Obtaining life insurance is a commonly used method to provide financial security to loved ones and/or business partners after someone passes away. It provides peace of mind and can help replace lost income, pay off debts/mortgages, or pay for probate and estate administration costs and fees.

When an individual applies for a life insurance policy, they complete an application and answer questions related to their medical history, family information, and personal habits. The answers to these questions may affect the premium of the insured and whether the insurance company will ultimately contest the payment of benefits.

Life Insurance Attorney Glendale California
Life Insurance Attorney Glendale California
Contract Attorney Glendale California
Contract Attorney Glendale California
Law Firm in Glendale, California

Our attorneys understand the painstaking effort you put into your business and work hard to ensure the success of your business for years to come.

SDA Law Group has extensive experience prosecuting or defending contract disputes, including breach of contract, breach of lease agreement, shareholder disputes, and various other disputes that may arise. For more information see our Business Litigation practice area.

With our firm’s wide array of services, we help achieve our client’s goals and optimize their business. Whether it involves drafting agreements, negotiations, or providing legal opinions of contracts, we are here to help.

Our team has extensive experience in business litigation, transactions and contract disputes, employment issues, estate planning, personal injury, life insurance, and insurance bad faith. For more information about our attorneys please read their bios in the links below.

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