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Car Accidents

While technology has made vehicles safer over the years, car accidents happen all too often where it is now a part of life. When car accidents occur, they can be traumatic experiences and often lead to serious injuries. Common injuries in a car accident include whiplash, neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, amputation, nerve damage, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. In many cases, victims of car accidents have so much shock and adrenaline after an accident that it takes a several days to fully realize the extent of your injuries. It can also take months of medical treatment to recover from your injuries. In more serious cases, surgery may be required or even long-term care.

Car accidents happen for many reasons. Some of the most common car accidents are:

When you are involved in an accident, you may have significant damages, including property damage, medical bills, future treatment, and pain and suffering. Sometimes there are even unexpected bills like ambulance bills or hospital bills.

Handling a car accident can be a daunting experience for many people and insurance companies are always looking to pay you the least amount of money. Insurance companies will always nickel and dime you when it comes to covering medical bills and property damage because they have their own algorithms for calculating what they feel is “proper” compensation.

Car Accident Attorneys

Many people also do not realize that when you are involved in an accident, you are also entitled to pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering damages are damages which are meant to compensate you for the psychological impact and long-term effect the accident has had on you. Pain and suffering damages are a type of non-economic damages for things like loss of enjoyment of life, anxiety, or depression. 

There is no set formula for calculating pain and suffering damages, which is why you need an experienced attorney to help you get compensation for all of your damages, even ones you may not know about or ones that the insurance company does not want you to know. Our attorneys go to battle with insurance companies to ensure you receive the proper compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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When you retain our office, our attorneys will help you through the entire process and take the burden off of your hands. This is because we want your focus to be on getting the proper medical treatment so you can recover from your injuries.

We fight vigorously with insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit and take your case to trial. If we do not get a recovery for you, then you do not pay us anything.

Whether it is a rear-end collision, head-on collision, T-bone collision, low impact collision or any type of collision, the attorneys at SDA Law Group are here to help. Please contact our office for a consultation.